Volume Four, Issue 1

Sujash Purna

Poached Eggs

Poaching eggs with the state of the art
is a fun thing to think about,
when you think about food.

Eggs are a dream come true once
you get to live in the United States.
Save your money on groceries.

Save your time for cooking,
because you’re on your own.
No bua housemaid, no sickeningly zesty

Air of roasted cumin in the kitchen.
I just became a sophomore that summer
when Karly was in the laundry room-

her dad’s eyes on Obama on the TV-
her mom microwaved leftovers
in red jetlagged Tupperware. Red-eyed

She said to me:
Freedom is being able to
poaching an egg
when you’re hungry
in this country.

The lush white flesh
steaming over the moon
surface in wispy wafts.

A sleepy ball of yolk rolls
into your tongue,
and a sun bursts into the sky
inside your mouth.
in the USA
soft heavens on earth
not boiled, not fried,
between cooked and uncooked.
Nothing is better than this. 

The Awakening

A hammer and sickle sticker on her lap,
the typing pad aglow in the reckoning,
hours slipped by, as the cursor moved
from blank lines to bouts of rummages
through the memory lane, and you can almost
hear the screams from the café at 9,
right before the rains start pouring outside
her words and water mixed
mud-wrestling demons released in the incubation of soul,
her arms wringing by the stack loads of hardcovers
inundating the room with her faint scent, she types on
until she reaches to the last page: references,
listing all her predecessors like recipe ingredients
for a dish made of social democracy,
for an antidote against a hypocrisy.

It’s 9 in the evening. The café is soon closing.
The empty armchair still exudes of her awakening,
as if Chopin into the sea,
her love for a better world
in the sands of time.

Sujash Purna: "I am a graduate student at Missouri State University. I serve as an assistant poetry editor to the Moon City Review. My poetry appeared in Naugatuck River Review, Poetry Salzburg Review, English Journal, Harbinger Asylum, Stonecoast Review, Red Earth Review, Emrys Journal, West Trade Review, Inwood Indiana, The Menteur, Prairie Winds, and others."

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