Volume Four, Issue 2


Jason Hockaday

i wrote a poem and it
was theory
was research
was praxis
was method
ology the study of
ology the study of
poets the study of my
self and our

i wrote a poem and it
was a person
with autonomy
and sovereignty
inherent in its
poethood a tribe of poems
a nation of poems a
nation of
poets a nation
of nations of

i wrote a poem
and it was

Jason Hockaday: "Ayukîi, nanithvuy uum Jason Hockaday. Naa Karuk’áraar, káru athithúfvuunupma ni’áramsiprivtih. Hi, my name is Jason. I'm from the Karuk Tribe and Happy Camp is my village. I am a Ph.D. student in Native American Studies at the University of California, Davis, working towards a designated emphasis in feminist theory and research. I’m currently teaching Intro to Native American Literatures, and also enjoy teaching composition for UC Davis’ University Writing Program."

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