Volume Four, Issue 2

Prairie of Concrete

Ramon Jimenez

For the rich,
LA is always a playground.
An open prairie of concrete, glass and palm trees.
One can play with real life demi-gods on Rodeo drive
while living out dreams of mansions and red carpets.

They can have lawns the size of football fields
while never coming close to those living on the streets.
Ignoring tents that sit on sidewalks and freeway intersections
from the safety of the Fast Track lane.

The city will always be a deep gash that fails to seal properly.
Crusted over by images of plastic surgery,
yoga pants and gluten free veganism.

Always hidden are the residents who built it with their hard hands.
Giving it lingo, flavor and style.
Expelled to the extremes of civilization on the 60 East.

A whole city gentrified through eugenics.
Where people long denied the right to a trial
are cleared by Robocop lead.
And property once considered too dangerous for past 5:00pm,
is speculated like oil from an emerging market.

Ramon Jimenez: "I am a writer and educator who resides in Seattle, Washington. I teach language arts and I run a summer youth poetry program. I write poetry that focuses on immigration, culture and travel. I am interested in exploring locations and how they connect to memories. My poetry appears in Rigorous Magazine (Volume 3, Issue 4) and the Anti-Languorous Project."

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