Volume Four, Issue 2

Saharsh Satheesh

Old Seaside Gaffer

The sea roared with the ferocity of a maddened beast,
It crashed and devoured the shore in a ravenous feast,
Creatures scattered, but the old man will stay,
For he knew that this was nature’s way,
The sea ravaged the coast and killed all in its path,
But when it reached the old man, it diminished its wrath,
His feet were tickled, and he chuckled with glee,
The boulders, too, were smashed, but the old man was free,
His veins were hardened as were the wrinkles on his face,
Buffeted by hardship at another time and place!

Youthful Years

Snowflakes descend to the surface,
Shimmering on a day in Memphis,
Children meticulously craft snowmen,
They fight, throw, play, and do it all again,
Reminiscing from my porch,
Back in ol' winter of '66,
I was naughtier than those boys,
But in their young, innocent eyes,
I'm an old man who knows no fun,
Newspapers, vanilla coffee, and a honey bun,
Straining strenuously, I forged a snowball,
Pitched it like the old days, baseball,
"Run!" they screamed in joy and scattered,
I feel young again, I'm flattered.

Saharsh Satheesh: "I am a poet from the glorious state of Tennessee. I enjoy crafting poetry, especially that inspired by nature. Some of my poetry can be found in The Learning Network of the New York Times. When I am not writing, I love to read books and play chess."

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