Inaugural Issue
Volume One, Issue 1

from Land of the Free

David Nakabayashi

Cover Art
Land of the Free - 10"

oil on canvas
h 36" x w 36"

Artist's Statement

Sometimes I think I'm free, but more often I feel trapped. I'll stay in my studio for weeks, rarely traveling more than a few blocks, but then I have to break out and I wander over to Manhattan or back out to the West. Maybe freedom is a shackle we're forever trying to break, or maybe it's just money that I'll never have, or maybe it really is the enlightened state I'm always longing for. The truth my society tells may be true to someone but it's not always real and telling the real from the myth is difficult these days. But I'm an artist so I don't need to tell the difference. My paintings and drawings and sculptures slip right in between truth and myth and flow from my past, from my country's past right into the discombobulated burning sexy future. Perhaps there is a little freedom to be found in that.

David Nakabayashi was born in Germany and grew up in Japan, Oklahoma, and Texas. He is a self-taught artist who has worked as a cook, cotton chopper, musician, naturalist, graphic designer, and urban designer. His rootless childhood evolved into a lifelong exploration of the American landscape with its homogeneous sprawl, forgotten architecture, untamable nature and chance cultural encounters, which filter into his artwork, including painting, works on paper, collage, mixed media sculpture, photography and installation. David has exhibited his work nationally and is currently represented by Judy Ferrara Gallery in Three Oaks, Michigan and Jay Etkin Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee.

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