Volume One, Issue 4

Featured Artists: Carolyn Dunn and Rain Prud'homme-Cranford

Carolyn DunnRain Prud'homme-Cranford"...we were trying to establish space in the canon for Native American poetry but Native female poets, who were by definition writing feminist poetry but we weren’t what I would call traditional feminists. They were Native women talking about native women’s issues in a field dominated by the voices of male radical leadership and the women’s voices, to quote me quoting Mary Brave Bird Crow Dog, we were more concerned about survival and colonization that we were living daily than worrying about getting the poetic voice out there. As a young poet in my very early 20’s, that was a profound time for me, finding my voice coming from a very long line of very strong women leaders."


Theresa Ford

Movies by Elancharan Gunasekaran

House Haiku: Out of this World"I am a multidisciplinary artist and poet. I reside in Singapore with my family and cat, Leo. I have a strange love for all things poetical and Sci-Fi. A winner of the Montblanc X Esquire Six-word Story prize 2017. I am the creator of House Haiku, an experimental music series combining poetry and house music elements. Andromeda’s Alien, my first album, is now represented by Red Claw Records (Germany). My latest publications are Untitled Protests and Why You So Dark? by UndergroundBooks (New York), Monochromatique by Queer Ink (India) and Dark Revolver by Roman Books (UK/India)."

Cover Artist: Matthew Rosenbeck

Matthew RosenbeckMatthew Rosenbeck is a multimedia artist who has lived and worked in New Orleans since 1995. His works spans from live music performance to abstract painting and sculpture. Matthew recently finished up a coveted 6 month visual arts residency at the internationally recognized Joan Mitchell Center and is currently preparing for his first solo show. His latest series heavily explored nature and spirituality in a modern context with assemblage like wooden idols and cemented forms that blended old work folklore with contemporary ideology. His new series is an exploration into the graphic world, with stenciled images and printed materials focusing on race, politics and religion the three things he was told never to work on if he wanted to be successful in the art world.

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