Volume Two, Issue 1

Featured Artist: Mykia Jovan

Carolyn Dunn"I added an L so the name wouldn't lose it's origin but stripped it of its weight. It is an attempt to deliver myself from the other. The other lover. The misrepresentation of my self. Showing how one can rely solely on the other's resources or ideals/ideas (and actually believe this is inescapable). Asking who is the authority here. Am I going to lose myself in Elliyahu or am I going to be brave enough to discover the godliness in my self. It's a collection of love songs that I've written and performed over 8 years. Some are newer than others, but they're all about tug of war. There is no concrete resolution. In the end, we don't know if we've gotten off the roller coaster or not. Matters of the ego are ever challenging, anytime we look outside ourselves for anything."

Crudeness and Creole

Photos and an exploration by Darryl Wawa

Cover Artist: Keith Duncan

Keith DuncanThe origins in my art is narrative and my images with familiar signifiers embodies everything that is unique, diverse, and “creolized” in the manner of storytelling. Undoubtedly, I am a storyteller signifying the human condition in the old South, most importantly, in a post-Katrina era. I paint about my environment around me. My works are discoveries and a creative process from the ‘autobiography becoming the iconography’ and in search of seeing the image as a new invention or archetype. Within my vernacular I want to produce a distinct language that has literature, poetic or narrative in content. For the most part, in my style of work I am a surrealist at heart.


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