Volume Two, Issue 2

The Little Miss Suzy Wong Sonnets
Or, Chink Bitches Don’t Have Feelings

Elaine Hsieh Chou


O little Miss Suzy Wong sat aloft
in a meadow of greenest grass so soft,
eating her gruel of thousand-year egg,
and doing fractions in her pretty head.
Why here’s little Dick, gay Tom, fair Mary
and gentle Betty, looking most happy.
“Come play with us Suzy Wong,” they sang.
“White or yellow—really, we’re all the same!”
Under bright trees, they merrily skipped
down forest path, when Tom almost tripped
on furry friend Fido, loyal and strong.
“O I do love dogs!” said Miss Suzy Wong.
Promptly they pushed her into a mud ditch:
“Away from him, you dog-eating chink bitch!”


Came winter, with nights o’ so cold and long,
though Mary and Betty kept a warm nest,
to which they invited Miss Suzy Wong,
delightfully foreign, exotic guest.
“Shall we play a game?” inquired Mary.
Said Betty, “O yes, let us play doctor!”
Blue eyes fixed on their patient, Miss Suzy.
“Fear not, we shall treat you like a sister!”
Down dropped Suzy, her feet tightly bound,
her mouth stuffed shut with white rice, despite tears.
Sweet n’ sour sauce poured on hair let down,
two chopsticks pushed into both of her ears.
“But isn’t this fun, isn’t this better?
A china doll, now realer than ever!”


Under April showers, Miss Suzy took
cover in cozy shed, tucked beneath vine
and flower. “O, but I am so lonely,
if only a visit friends would bestow!”
Now, who is that peeking at the shed door?
Why it’s little Dick and Tom and Johnny!
“Don’t cry! Here we are, come to play a game.
Tell us Suzy, is it true you like trains?”
First went Tom, brave and virtuous fellow,
second went shy Dick, with a hearty slap,
and last went Johnny, who didn’t mind blood.
Then like soldiers, all three together fucked.
“See how she screams? A natural, indeed!
Slant-eyed sluts were meant for our pure seed!”

Elaine Hsieh Chou: "I am a Taiwanese-American writer from California. Currently, I am an MFA candidate in fiction at New York University. You can find more of my work at www.ElaineHsiehChou.com"

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