Volume Two, Issue 3



Wassup my niggas.
My nigga
My nigga
My nigga
My nigga

Be mindful
This a mind, full
This a mine,
full of reasons to pull the trigger
But don’t nobody need a reason to kill a nigga/nigger
a nigga
a nigger
a nigga

Thicka is the black woman of my dreams
Hips like Ms. Baartman
Black is what they saw sexual
Sensual is how we abstract her, her flesh
Daniel Holtzclaw can get his whole jaw rocked
Lemme meet him
Fists wanna greet him
This world don’t need him
Black girls, let’s re-think how we treat ‘em
Look me in my eyes and tell me my momma, my momma’s momma, her momma’s momma
Chose slavery.
We cut him off, easy!
We brush him off,
Not his thought
His Khaleesi make me queasy homie done
Aye and we yellin’ that to the only one
You was once the chosen one

Hold me son
I’m bout to get him
The frozen one
We in the kitchen
Put him in the skillet
We bout to mix him
Vell make em feel it
Gon head and kill it

Nah bro imma put him in the freezo where I freeze bro like Sub Zero
Breakin’ clocks of false prophets and shakin’ forgotten heroes
You see he’s masked for the masses but really bout massa profits,
This nigga stuffin’ massa pockets.

M.A.G.A. hats stacked, we gotta pack massa coffin
Coughin’ on this black cloud that’s stalking me, walk with me
Don’t follow me, said
Trayvon, a warning through the grapevine, they hate mine
But mine us for our great minds, but somehow we skate by
And we still end up with a fate we can’t escape, and it figures

Don’t nobody need a reason to kill a nigga/nigger
a nigga
a nigger
a nigga

The bigger picture:
Keepin’ eyes peeled
We juss tryna survive the minefields
See we the mandingos who mine fields
One step wreckless will show yo ass how my mind feels.
Killed are those in thought where we bind like books bought and read illegal. Crooks,
we duck the cops ya’ll call and decieve you pigs
underneath the deadly watch of the bald eagle, black kids we grieve you
And we wish ya’ll didn’t have to see they grins,
Or celebrate their wins where they feed you to their demons
We wish the slave master’s semen could be refused, not infused in the body

Ungodly, in the body, in the body in the mind from the times in the minefields where mine feel their minds slowly fill with time built up, paint peeling from walls lead laced that race through the veins of
and stain the
Nobodies -- shit!
We some nobodies who need no reason either, eager

to kill a nigger...
a nigga
a nigger
a nigga

DAME-DAME: "We are a black artistic and storytelling group created by and comprised of Ralvell Rogers II and Arriq Singleton, two black men from Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas, who met while attending Emporia State University. Our work focuses on highlighting black intelligence, ingenuity and strategy in creative ways, which is a focus and meaning borrowed from the West African Adinkra symbol, DAME-DAME."

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