Volume Two, Issue 3


K. Eltinaé

When I fainted at the fish market
doctors blamed the smell.
When it happened again
Samaritan aunts and uncles
came to visit whispering kind things,
as they waited for me to die.
When I didn´t they called me names
They couldn´t take back
until their children were born different.

K. Eltinaé: I am a Sudanese poet of Nubian descent, my work has appeared in The African American Review, Word Fountain, Baphash Literary & Arts Quarterly, Jaffat El Aqlam, Solidago, New Contrast, Poetry Potion, Scintilla, TRACK//FOUR, Surrealist/Outsider Anthology by Thrice Press, The WAiF Project, NILVX, Ink in Thirds, The Elephants, Algebra of Owls, Sukoon, Illya's Honey, Elsewhere Literary Journal, PCM, The Ofi Press, Poetic Diversity, Chanterelle’s Notebook, and Poetry Pages. My favourite smells are sandalwood, amber, and Japaneze yuzu. I also love cheescake, the oud, the kora, handmade foutas, old skool rap, Sufi literature, Greek mythology and Sarah Vaughan. I currently reside in Granada, Spain. More of my work can be found at k-eltinae.com, facebook.com/eltinae."

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