Volume Two, Issue 3

Ling Ye

The Space Between Shadows

There is a place
within the folds of the universe,
across the whispers of Ages,
a space between shadows
that cradles the being and the non

There is a time
in the moments of a rainbow,
in the silence between the stroke of midnight
and the beginning of it all,
through the veil of Millenia
when Obscurity meets Clarity

There is a feeling
of lurking, of pinpricks
on the back of the neck,
of the taste of darkness
weighing heavy on the tongue
with the sticky sweet cloy of light

Where Yesterday meets Tomorrow
in the space between the shadows
              of the Now

The creatures in the in-between
dance and glide and
swim through dreams of
chance meetings of Life and Death,
of raw encounters of the fleshly kind,
nightmare creatures of
Lost Hopes and Perfect Dreams

There is a place
in the space between shadows
at the beginning of a long journey
and the end of a lifetime,
a heartbeat and a universe away

Is the silent edge to nowhere and infinity
balanced along a single delicate thread,
where reality is made, and destroyed,
              and re-created. If,
              by some chance encounter (or fate),
You find your Self on this path,
              What will you do?

The night wrapped itself up in me

The night wrapped itself up in me,
covered my eyes and whispered
sweet nothings in me.
I shivered in its cold embrace,
smothered in a blanket of
late-night breeze, icy tendrils
reaching through me —
the ghostly touch of death.

How I loved, in my loneliness,
the human feeling of a
stranger’s embrace, a
momentary encounter of heat,
bodies open to each other.
How heady desperation and desire
gave way to ecstatic release.
No reservations.

When it’s all over, the cold
sweat settles like water on pavement
after a heavy rain.
How that feeling of connection
is broken, lost
to the sightless dark of night,
as we each fumble through the lamp-light
of the moon to go our separate ways.
The silence of the evening
averts our gaze and ushers us away.

The night wrapped itself up in me,
held me tight in its cold embrace
and whispered its loneliness
into me.

Ling Ye: "A practicing attorney in New York specializing in immigration law and family law. Also an aspiring writer who writes fiction and poetry in my spare time. Favorite writers include, but not limited to, Neil Gaiman, Isabel Allende, Lisa See, and Junot Diaz. Graduate of Bronx Science, St. John's University, and New York Law School. Currently living in Bronx, NY. Some of my writing can be viewed on her blog: lingyejourneys.blogspot.com."

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