Volume Two, Issue 4

Peace Treaty

Artemisio C.R.


Artemisio C.R.: "I am a 16-year-old, Chicano, writer, and visual artist. I have have been part of 3 group shows over the last 2 years in the Sambusco Center, The Santa Fe College of Art and Design, and most recently, at the Santa Fe Community College Gallery. I spent 3 years in the Georgia Okeefe Boy's program, and last summer attended Interlochen Arts Camp on scholarship. My art is primarily concerned with the modern collapse of culture and identity. While I am trained in observational realism and classical figure drawing, my recent visual artwork is a departure into more gestural ink compositions. This recent work explores the processes of trauma and memory with the irregularity and precision of the chosen mediums. My writing reflects those same goals, namely to expose conflict through spontaneity and catharsis."

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