Volume Two, Issue 4

Claudia Amador


On Tuesday mornings
             I remember reading Neruda‚Äôs Me Gustas Cuando Callas.
On Tuesday nights
             You sleep with me.


Cut a 10mg pill in half
then into thirds
fourths, fifths, sixths.


A)  Sell your bed.
B)  Buy a pillow.
C)  Sleep.

I was born on a tropical sky

a clear sky, lucid
as water, glassy
and bright enough
to light a whole city.

The cloud moved
like turtles on the beach,
and as afternoon came
they disappeared together.

Above my head, the sea
welcomed a new life.

She keeps wolves

She keeps wolves, their growls
echoing quietly beside
the river, whispering
to anyone but her,
excluding only her.

They turned into summer
men, dressed in red
the color of longing
breathing ocean melodies,

handcrafted verses caught
in mud stained paper
covering her dreaming,
her tears, the wolves
her cover, her keepers.

Claudia Amador: "I am a Dominican born poet. I come from a land of stories, but I also come from a land of people with soul and rhythm. You can find me lost in a library or with my dog."

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