Volume Two, Issue 4


Fatima Ijaz

Isn’t it immortal?
This thing with eyes and the hiss
Of the moon,
So certain, inside, like an organ,
Fits like a chord in minor,
Don’t you think it’s a discordant?

Why must I choose between the sea
And the sea, when I know for sure the devil’s
Why can’t you understand the board game
Of marbles?
Cat’s eye grimace –
You know I was never the one to tell,
But the stars, they know.

Let’s find our destiny in the scars –
From the start, you said it was
This way or that
And I said, it’s this way or that.
But there is a tendency of the tendril
To slip,
Down there there’s deep garden,
It’s a myth that soil uproots.

Travel to the other side of things
There’s nothing obscure.
Oh it’s so certain.

Fatima Ijaz: "I am currently pursuing my M.Phil in Literature from KU and teaching English at IBA, Karachi. I am a graduate from Hartwick College, N.Y (Tfr) and York University, TO. I also hold a Master in English Linguistics from Eastern Michigan University. I won first prize at the Mclaughlin Poetry Contest in Toronto, 2007. I recently worked in a poetry and art collaboration for #NomeansNo which was featured at Music Mela, Islamabad, 2018. My work has been published in Pakistan: The News and Zau, Canada: Red Fez, USA: The Write Launch, Abramelin, Della Donna, Whirlwind, These Fragile Lilacs, India: Writer's Asylum and Africa: Praxis magazine."

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