Volume Two, Issue 4

Georgia Smith

Interviewed by Rosalyn Spencer

Rosalyn Spencer: How would you describe your aesthetic? What is your method in choosing your different mediums to create your pieces?

Georgia Smith: The aesthetic of my art is fantasy influenced feminine beauty in various forms and appearances along with beauty found in the natural world to portray the mood or personality of my subject.

RS: Do your views on the political and social landscape reflect in your work? Which work do you believe highlights this juxtaposition the most?

GS: My views on the political and social landscape occasionally reflect in my work. An example would be my “A Serene Crescent City Connection” piece.

RS: What defining moments helped shaped your outlook on your aesthetic?

GS: Some defining moments that helped were key points in my childhood when I first started finding interests of my own along with the appreciation of particular concepts or views.

RS: What are some of your major influences that helped shaped your artwork?

GS: Some major influences that helped shaped my work were my love for nature and animals and interesting faces of beauty. Growing older also contributed to the shaping of my art as I began to have a clear perception of the world and people around me.

RS: What do you believe are some milestones and moments that helped change the art scene due to the contributions of artists of color that you may feel have been overlooked?

GS: - I think people are currently overlooking the contributions of artists of color to the art scene. I would consider dancing an art and particularly young people of color are changing the scene of this art globally.

RS: Can you tell us about the trajectory of your career and your vision for the near future?

GS: My art career has just begun, I’m basically just putting the wheels on the cart. But, for the near future, I hope to create more expressive paintings and get some more exposure for myself.

RS: What are some of your experiences in the world of art as a person of color that has led to your perspective of the art scene? What barriers would you like to break down in the art scene?

GS: As a person of color in the world of art, I believe that there are so many opportunities to visualize and appreciate key moments of being a person of color. I’d like the break the barrier between the youth and older generations through my art and also the barrier between reality and the fantasy world.

RS: What do you want most for those who see your work to understand about your work?

GS: I want them to understand that I’m human just like them. We’re all humans, so if they happen to say “I wish I could do that.” I want them to know that they also have the power to create just how I do, and it’ll be just as beautiful as mine. I believe every form of art is special. If my work appeals to someone so much that it drives them to paint something themselves, I want them to understand that’s what makes me feel accomplished as an artist.

RS: How do you believe your vision could expand how audiences and others view the experience of an artist of color?

GS: Being an alternative artist of color, I believe the visions in my art can provide others with a glimpse of the versatility of artists like me. I’d hope to believe that my art will encourage people to be more openminded to different subjects and ideas outside of what they’re accustomed with.

Georgia Smith​Georgia Smith is an 18-year-old artist born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Specializing mostly in painting and drawing, Georgia delivers striking portraits and concepts through vast amounts of colors and details. Discovering her talent as early as the 4th grade, Georgia was in the talented art program in school for a total of eight years where she developed her talents of drawing. In 2016, Georgia began her uses of acrylic paint which then succeeded to oil paint. Georgia's work was featured in small-scale galleries across New Orleans and showcased at her high-school and the Audobon Zoo. Her piece "A Serene Cresent City Connection" placed 3rd in the Rau for Art Scholarship Competition. She is now a freshman in college and plans on furthering her art career.

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