Volume Two, Issue 4

Winniebell Xinyu Zong



When God needed some sugar, he meditated in the den
of wandering sinners and good books. Dawn was nigh
when God dropped the ball hard and ate
regrets. Let there be light, then heaven,
where young chicks and flung dicks
were glad to be alive
and, with pleasure, sore.
Let them free—
God, too,


Months after I partied with Ed Sheeran in the tent,
I still remember the cheap wine on the line
and the will to make him mine. Wait
before you sniff at my clean-shaven
daydreaming, okay? Mama need a fix
of life before I dive
in a hole for
a high weed
addict to

I like my puppy more basic than this one

a daddy’s good girl who likes jumping up
and down when I’m home wiggling her small
tits and giving me kisses after eight hours
of languishing by the ocean view balcony

with her diamond collar pekingese bitch
hawthorn freckles and teeth and tongue and heavy
breath and eyes both focused on me annoying
I’m watching tv for god’s sake enough

seizing her by the diamonds fuck off
and sit
before I find a new one her eye
whites and scalp stretch long as I pull
her freckled ears back and she finally stops

panting over conversations on tv about things
that she will never get more useless than all
my secretaries combined there are a million
other bitches that look just like my last puppy
at least cooked a good steak

Jenna Classi of the Back Alley

I do it cause I like it bitch
aint this a free country

Don’t tryna grab me

I aint got no time for ya
philanthropy project or ya
good feeling quota of the day

              Y’all think ya made it cause
ya drink scotch older than ya papa

              Y’all think ya made it cause
ya got gold flakes on ice cream n
good butter on bread

Get the fuck outta here
I might be cheap but I aint no free bitch

I’m a poor ass bitch but I answer to no one
but me. I listen to no one but the Lord n I live
for no one but my Mama

Bitches tried to save me            save me
that BULLSHIT I don’t need y’all Mother
Teresas I need ya to get outta my alley

We live in a fucked-up world I know that much
Close ya eyes n listen to the loada crap
that people throw at each other then

ya tell me I’m the one who needs a cleanup

Winniebell Xinyu Zong: "I was born and raised in an industrial city in China. I like my poems merry with a side kick or raw with melancholy. My work explores womanhood and sexuality, expounds bad decisions, and stretches chemistry across the margins. I hold a B.A. in Creative Writing from Franklin and Marshall College, where I received Nolt Music Award and Honaman Japanese Study Fund to study in Mexico and Japan and secretly write poetry on the side. I now mentor high school students on matriculation at College Advising Corps."

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