Volume Two, Issue 4

Yi-Wen Huang

Three Batteries in One Week

Don’t know what happened in my life that I needed to change three batteries in one week

Friday the thirteenth, July, my Toyota Rav 4 got stuck in a gas station across from Savers in ABQ
The day of my physical, which I had no choice but to cancel on my phone in the parking lot
Next day at the dealership, as it was still under warranty

Then my Toyota Corolla got stuck in a Safeway parking lot in Gallup
A trip to Walmart to change the battery the next day

Within the same week, right before Hubby’s surgery, we took a trip to Phoenix to buy a red Nissan coupe

The day after purchase, the car wouldn’t start in the Hotel Adeline parking lot because battery was dead under 105-degree sun!
Hubby bought a battery from an auto parts store and paid a Mexican mechanic cash to install it.

Two days later, on the way to Tom’s surgery, the Maintenance light came on in the Rav 4!


Prior to my trip to St. Petersburg, I googled which beach to go
Clearwater Beach popped up as #1 beach in the US!
It was about a 50-minute drive from my hotel
Thanks to the internet?

I asked the very friendly shuttle driver at the hotel about Clearwater beach
He said it was too far away
He then recommended me to go to Fort de Soto, which was about 35 minutes away, “not too far away and the beach is not too crowded.”
I then asked the hotel receptionist about the beaches around the area
I asked if she could recommend me a beach where I could sit down, have a drink and enjoy the view
I told her I’m not a beach person

She recommended
Fort de Soto
St. Pete Beach
Caddy on the Beach
Clearwater Beach
She said “you should go to Pass-A-Grille! You will like it!”

I youtubed the beach before I went
This was my first time to uber a car
I downloaded the app right before I took off to Florida
The Uber driver told me he had never been to Pass-A-Grille
He laughed out loud at my story about not going to a beach last time I visited St. Petersburg with my husband
He then parked his car and then followed me to the beach without my knowledge
How funny!
After I walked into the beach after the wooden bridge/entry
I saw him, the Uber driver
He yelled loud to me saying he needed to know what the beach looked like!

Pass-A-Grille beach is beautiful with beige sand and clean water
Seagulls flying and walking and singing at the beach
3 weddings took place that afternoon
Each wedding had a thematic color, red, purple, and blue
Every picture I took is postcardlike

Then, a storm came, and I was the only one at the beach besides the seagulls
Seagulls flying and singing next to me
I had the beach all to myself!

Our Conversation

I don't care what you look like
Why not?
For me looks aren’t important

I’m not here because of your looks: I’m here because of mine!

I thought you think I am hot!
I do

Remember the Korean girlfriend saying Emotion Emotion!

Pink Nation

You young cheerleading high school girls

all wearing clothes from Pink a sub younger brand from Victoria Secret

Pink leggings and Pink crop tops

Pink sweatshirts and Pink hoodies

and Tiffany heart tag with key pendant sterling silver necklaces

Backpacks or tote bags must come from Pink

Sometimes you also take off your Pink tank tops and let us see your bright red Pink sports bras while dancing

Well, it’s a place to dance or showing off Pink brand name clothing and luxury jewelry line jewelry from the Tiffany

Ugg boots with bows and Swarovski crystals

Yeah, don’t forget to wear them after you finish practicing!

Fractured Prune

Fractured Prune is such an amazing place for donuts!
They make donuts right after you order them
Deep frying them and dipping them in the plastic container based on the flavor you choose behind a transparent glass

Apple pie
Banana cream pie
Black forest
Blueberry hill
Caramel bliss
Chocolate covered cherry
Cookies & cream
Death by chocolate
Dulce De leche
French toast
Key lime pie
Morning buzz
Ms. Prunella
Orange dream
OC sand
Rocky shores
Salted caramel
Strawberry princess
Strawberry shortcake

The first time I entered the store,
I was like a kid in a candy store
One father brought two children, a boy and a girl to the store
The father asked them which donut they wanted
They looked at the big purple and white board with 44 kinds of donuts— each donut was shown on a colored picture with a description of the glazes, toppings, and drizzles
The two kids were lost
They stood there staring at the board with nothing to say
The dad asked the boy again
Which donut do you want?
The boy did not say anything, looking at the board, puzzled

Join the club!
I don’t know, either

After a while, I chose the Bacon Bomb
I thought it’s hard to mess up bacon
I was just being conservative
The donuts there are amazing
This place should be on Food Network
Such a hidden treasure!

Korean Plastic Surgery

I watch free Korean movies on Asian Crush on Roku
I listen to the Korean drama-themed songs and watch Korean music videos on Pinterest
Korean actresses and actors all have the same nose
Especially Korean actresses
I saw a lot of them who have the same shape of nose
The same plastic surgery done to too many Koreans
They end up having the same shape of nose
The same size of nostrils
It’s funny

Dr. Yi-Wen Huang: "I am from Taiwan and an Associate Professor of English and Linguistics at UNM-Gallup. I live and attended universities in Long Island, NY and Pittsburgh, PA. My research focuses on language and affect. My hobbies include zumba, winter hiking, spinning, thrift shopping, edm, and traveling as a foodie and tea aficionado."

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