Volume Three, Issue 1

A Seizure Is What Happens When God Enters A Human Body

Enoch the Poet

After Osimiri Sprowal

My mother catches the spirit for
the second time this week. The first
time was in the upstairs hallway. This
time, God finds her in the bathroom,
stretched out on a crucifix of pearl
linoleum, hands and feet shaking to
tear herself away from the cross.
Grandma used to say God spoke
through thunder and I think I can
hear him in the clapping of momma
skull against the bathroom tile and oh
how God-like that is, to speak to my family
in a language we can never understand
but always feel the pain of. Possession is
not only a demonic practice ‘cuz God has
made a new home in my momma. She
catches the spirit for the third time this week, this time, God finds her on the living room floor stretched out on a carpet the color of his sons blood, a red sea, hands and feet shaking to wade through the waters, to stroke herself to freedom. Grandma used to say God exist outside of space and time and I think he been tryna’ take my momma there. They say Jesus rose on the third day and I think on this third day of seizures I can see his resurrection in the space between momma bouncing limbs and the ground. Her mouth opens and angel wings burst from her throat. We anchor her body down and they fly away with her voice. On this third day, my mother rose with only part of herself. She goes to speak and vacancy spills over her lips. God plays abusive father in my household, bringer of blessings who is still able to shake the voice out of my momma at will and everyone around me will tell me
not to curse him because he means
well and everyone around me will
tell me this is her doing and everyone
around me will tell me to thank him
that she’s still alive when he brought
this sacred illness to her in the first
place. Grandma say you got to learn
to see the blessings in everything. My
mother regained consciousness without
a voice and I spent the next 2 hours of
the night teaching her how to speak again.
When I think back on this night I picture my
mother flying full speed after her angels.
I imagine them playful and her desperate.
I imagine a dogfight of spirits where my
momma pries the rest of herself out
of their grip and reclaims herself and
she returns to herself and when I point
to me and sound emerges from her mouth
I imagine she created her own blessing.
I imagine she is God now.

Enoch the Poet: "I was born and raised on the north side of Wilmington, Deleware. I use my art to address issues of Black mental health, the Black social condition in America and the multiple ways in which these two topics intersect. I teach various workshops around the tri-state area geared towards exploring self and using poetry as a form of mental therapy and rehabilitation. In April of 2017 I earned a spot on the 2017 Philadelphia Fuze National Poetry Slam Team as well as won the title of 2017 Philadelphia Fuze Grand Slam Champion. I then went on to compete in the Individual World Poetry Slam competition where I ranked 28th in the nation. I've had work published in various literary magazines such as Wusgood and Open Mind Quarterly and before the end of 2017 I also published my first full length book of poetry titled The Guide to Drowning."

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