Volume Three, Issue 1

Harman Sidhu

My Father's Dream

Hummingbirds greet the new day with a chorus of love
My father tilts his jug and pours a glass of hope to start the day

He could’ve done that forever, and I would’ve done that after him
One-day hope ran out – and the jug became filled with blood and gunpowder
My father thought hummingbirds flew west – away from the season of violence

I told my father it was a mistake moving here
The hummingbirds aren’t here either – and they never will be
He pours me a glass of hope “drink this putth – I have plenty”

Leaving his country
Was not easy
For my father
But it wasn’t as hard as
Waking up from a dream
that never began

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,


I can stay out late when I’m married
I don’t have go to my father’s cousin’s neighbor’s son’s third birthday party when I’m married
I don’t have to pretend like I’m drinking soda at the open bar when I’m married
I can move out when I’m married
I can have friends when I’m married
I can have fun when I’m married
I can make my own decisions when I’m married
But first I have to have my bride chosen for me

Harman Sidhu: "I am a South-Asian American Poet born in Hayward, California where I spent most of my youth. The other portion of my youth I spent in a small Central Valley town named Patterson. My interest in poetry cultivated during my time at Modesto Junior College - specifically in my Creative writing: poetry class. During my time in that class I entered 'The Celebration of the Humanities' contest at Modesto Junior College, placed as an honorable mention and published my first poem."

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