Volume Three, Issue 1

Let's Do This

written and performed by Jessica Mashael Bordelon
music produced by Jason Aro of Kloudnine Music

Be with me
Vibe Rock Dip Sip Slip
Mix In Chemistry
Oxygen Expanding Capacity
Breathing Inhaling Take a hit Circulating
Metasomatic transformation
Love is healing Evolution
Volcanos Eruption
Creation of new lands
Have you ever seen spirits fly? ignite? and rise?
This power never dies
We found each other again and again and again
and we gon find each other every time we return to this existence
Love aint temporary fragile or chaotic
Love’s the power of unity Chemically bonded
we defiant, building empires our seed will inherit
if you understand, let it be what it’s meant to be
Dance, Heal, and Build with your love,
Vibe Rock Dip Sip Slip Mix In
This is way more than just the way your bodies touch
This is about healing, developing, transcending,
When we ride there is no die
we only rise and thrive
The Revolution will be Eroticized, Romanticized, Universalized,
Let’s do it for the Future, for Ancestors,
Let’s do it… for Us…

Jessica Mashael Bordelon: "As a poet, fiction writer, historian, and activist, my creative work is inspired by historical events, as well as contemporary movements and culture. My goal is to tell powerful, engaging and enlightening stories about the human experience.

"With a heritage that spans the globe, I seek to honor my ancestors with an international perspective, highlighting the shared humanity that breaks down borders and dogma. At least that is the goal even in the face of the most resistant foe."

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