Volume Three, Issue 1

Kimberly M Denesse

What You Know about a Nola Girl?

We are New Orleans Original
Women the color of Café au Lait
Skin, beautifully dark like the earth of the Motherland

We are Secondlines and buck jumpers, so don’t fuck with us!
Seasoned red beans (Camillia, not Blue Runners) down to the Etouffe of our Soul

We are New Orleans Originals

We will give you that 7th Ward hard, 9th Ward bound, I’m from Uptown to Backatown, love down

We don’t do giving up

We do hard cries, stiff drinks and let’s get this shit done

Real women are born and bred in New Orleans

And no one loves like a New Orleans Lady

Sashay and we don’t do Bourbon Street, but we will bounce that ass to a Big Freedia beat

We are New Orleans Originals

The place of Voodoo Queens and that extra special red gravy

But, a New Orleans woman doesn’t need spells or magic; she just needs that sweet drawl of ‘hey baby’ and she will put it in your life

Because a New Orleans woman is:

And it’s pronounced BUR-GUNN-DY not BURGUNDY like the color

She is:
Louisiana Hot Sauce
Spicy Cajun Seasoning
And I’ma show you something if you keep playing with me, ya heard me!

As original as cruising the Lake on the “black side” on a Sunday

As calm as a breeze rolling along the river

But she will click out like a Hurricane named Katrina
That New Orleans Woman

Often imitated but never simulated because you must have New Orleans in your blood

Born from the Quadroon Balls and the plantations

Broken backs, weary cries

Bodies stripped of Womanhood, forced to bear children of our attackers and desperately trying to keep our families together

You see, New Orleans is in our very essence
Carved from the Crescent, beignet mix and the red-light district

New Orleans women, from generation to generation, are the Soul of the City, from my born in the 6th Ward Grandmother to the Wild Magnolia

And New Orleans isn’t a destination, which is why if you’re not FROM here, you can only BE here,

We are
Creole Cottages
African Goddesses
With a dab of French and ‘you must have Indian in your family’

Why yes, I do!

From the Native American to the Mardi Gras, St. Joseph’s Day, every year at Carnival time, I make a new suit blooming with color

And now you know about those NOLA Girls

Welcome to New Orleans

Welcome to the home of the WHO DATS, Red Bean Mondays and Secondline Music.

This is the city that care forgot, where living is both BIG and EASY, and where New Orleans Originals are born and bred.

Where else in the world can you celebrate with Royalty the way we do on a Tuesday in February or March?

I hope you're prepared to make your own groceries, talk about ya mama n'nem and know how to answer 'where y'at?'

New Orleans. The city that never leaves you the way same way she found you.

Home of the Rising Sun, Hand Grenades and sashaying ladies.

New Orleans. Pronounced NU AWWLINS and if you say it any other way, we know you ain't from here.

The place where we mourn the living and give the dead a jazzy send off.

New Orleans. Once she claims you, you're hers, no matter where you are in the world.

New Orleans. Where the streets overflow with 2 for 1 drinks and the blood of the young.

Welcome to New Orleans where you can be Garden District rich and a po' boy at the same time.

New Orleans. MY city. YOUR city. OUR city.

Once you embrace her, she will love you back. FIERCELY. And she is often reluctant to let go.

New Orleans. Home of the 7th Ward Hard Heads, Mardi Gras Indians, Cities of the Dead and French Creole history. A place where no one gets offended if you suck some heads and pinch some tails.

Welcome to New Orleans. Be good to her and she will be good to you in return.

Kimberly M Denesse: "I am a Native New Orleanian and Author of several Self Published titles, including my latest releases, Not All Women Wear Hot Pants, Some Carry Guns and Musings from the Female Soul: A Collection of Poetry and Other Writings.

I write in the BBW Genre and consider myself a Purveyor of Fat Girl Friendly Fiction. In previous novels, The Lady Trucker Chronicles: Miles of Discovery and Something Like What It's Supposed To Be, I created characters of a more voluptuous nature so that women of size could see themselves reflected in today's current Literature."

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