Volume Three, Issue 1


Mira Chiruvolu

A Hatred

It always starts this way.
The way they control crowds.
All eyes on them, always.
A smirk in my direction.
It hurts to see them.
Enough electricity to start fires.
Enough fires that destroy lives.
Yet, they’re never at fault.
It is always me, always.

A Love

It always starts this way.
I feel my body quaking.
Their touch, gentle every time.
Their hugs are never enough.
It’s fleeting, but the electricity.
Enough to shake my heart.
Controlling every beat it makes.
The fires we make are beautiful.
Oh, how I wish, forever.

An Afterthought

It always starts this way.
Every time they open their mouth.
My circuit is immediately fried.
No electricity, no fires, nothing.
My eyes grow heavy again.
When can they stop talking?
The pain is truly unbearable.
Same story, every single time.

Mira Chiruvolu: "I am a 16-year-old, born and raised in California. I am in the 10th grade, and an avid reader. I love to write, specifically poetry and short stories. When not writing I enjoy playing basketball and running outside as much as possible. My writing style leans towards grander themes about life, including courage, bravery, love, loss, etc. My portfolio is a conglomeration of stories, poems, thoughts, and pieces that I have created over the course of my life."

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