Volume Three, Issue 1

Ugonnaora Owoh

Feminism is still the bitch

All my friends are changing religions and getting laid.
~Morgan parker.

We have been kissing our lips when they’re dry. Forget about the lips sticks, the strapped mascara, the sinful breaks on our faces. God don’t care the way we are beautiful & wanting to selloff the couch hop.

We sit in the nasty neighborhood like a good wait. Staring into brown morning, egged cold, milk flower petals falling like stripped confetti. We wear our gloves & sit in the lawn seat, garnishing our teeth.

Everyone of us that have died for having a religion are getting the night sweet. Makeups means blackout, there are no light to make our faces holier than the catholic pope’s.

The largest anxiety is ego, our shoulders keep getting broad for been above greatness. Unlike the good track of Beyoncé, feminism is overrated.

Patriarchy is our father's pen name. His teeth is covered to misogyny crime like our uncle's child, the devil's child soak like an piqued pawn.

Thank God for parties without panties, green lemon cocktail in the glass. We freak-out, we get scared every time for singing in the church choir. Crime is still in the kitchen waiting like a good blade. We are beautiful for paganism. Fornication is a good form of having the greatest pussy. Be patient, everything’s okay comes when you are good.

Oklahoma 2011

Bad dress is bad habit. Bad breath is guilty suicide, Oklahoma street takes children for not registering their toy guns.

You wear your daughter her finest prom & she still have dream of being the murderer princess. Brown liquor steal the breath, charm the chamomile syrup. I respect suicide & how it makes the world smaller, poison are less expensive than willy bull rope. Tanika Charlotte still wringing her rope. Oklahoma city police unbalanced. The movie plays like your granddaddy's stereo player. You are unsure to keep the police off the case. Turn on the lawn disco, play Alicia Keyes higher than Beyoncé, so the street can know Activists & feminists are two difficult brand of heresy.

Ugonnaora Owoh: "I live in Nigeria. My works have been published or are forthcoming in Existere Journal (York university, Canada), Agbowo, Pangolin Review, Selene Quarterly Magazine and elsewhere. I am recently a 2018 Young Romantics Prize shorlist and a 2018 Fowey Prize recipient."

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