Volume Three, Issue 1

Featured Artist: Justina Ireland

Justina Ireland"I think we’ve all been Jane or met Jane. She’s the product of living in a world that limits who she can be and feeling the pain of those limitations. If she’s angry it’s because I’ve felt that anger, and if she despairs it’s because I’ve felt that despair. In writing this book I tried to distill a lifetime of angst and oppression, of microaggressions and racism into a character that dealt with it the same way so many Black women I know deal with it: by living her life the best way possible...And I think it is hugely important to see Black girls in positions of power and leadership, just as important as it is to see anyone else. The difference is that while white girls have gotten their moment in the sun that has yet to come for Black girls."

Cover Artist: Cecelia Fernandes

Cecelia FernandesShe studied painting and sculpture at the University of New Orleans and after Hurricane Katrina she lived five years between Lisbon and Rome, where she studied videography. She lived an additional five years in New York, completing her education at The New School for Social Science before returning home to New Orleans in 2013. As a co-owner and creative director of Eight One Eight Contemporary Photography Gallery on Royal Street in the heart of the French Quarter, Cecelia promotes the documentary photography of her husband Jose Fernandes as well as their joint work as C+J, which has received critic’s attention while participating in several museum shows, most recently The Contemporary Arts Center 2018 show Constructing the Break, along with the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and New Orleans Museum of Art.


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