Volume Three, Issue 3

Destine Carrington

In the Silence

You can hear the cold.
the words
people keep
tucked beneath tongues.

the words
people keep
held within
They will never let
their mouth betray
the vitriol of their minds.

Maiden Voyage

Eves are sent to Coventry,
forced to carry their forbidden seed—
sly daughters of Persephone.
But please don’t punish Hades
though he did the deed.
He should be rewarded
for such
Olympian deceit.

Destine Carrington: "I am a queer, black woman living in North Carolina because I enjoy challenges. Other things I enjoy include, but are not limited to: burgers, brownies, and Batman. My work has also appeared in Serendipity Literary Magazine, Jokes Review, Drunk Monkeys Literary Magazine, and Five2One Literary Magazine’s thesideshow."

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