Volume Four, Issue 3

Eye to Eye

Lauren Lee

As complexity sheets unto the skimmed bone,
whilst wonders turn to some guilt, longing,
that is Frida alone, meshed into what her life brings forth.

And in that mystical portrayal, a monkey I presume?
why leave out its ally in amidst all tellings,
preposterous “fingers” weaving to what strangles her chest.

Why the hummingbird’s been chosen at all?
to be the sacrifice of the restless thorns,
what seems as though warns have come ahold.

Loops of much ponderance,
taken afar, just too far,
or is this what was meant to be, my own.

Which a configuration derived by the same human-kind,
breathes out unto canvas, her story, her part,
While we, one job: sit and imagine.

Lauren Lee: "I am sophomore attending high school in Seoul, South Korea. I am currently building my creative writing portfolio in preparation for enrollment in a university. My other hobbies include volleyball and baking."

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