Volume Four, Issue 3


Ruchi Acharya

Flat-chest, I cat-walk down a fashion street,
A couple minutes sway by, eclectic comments, slight giggles, intolerance,
Homecoming with shoe-bite feet.

“Mama” calls a five years old Cameroon Baby named Abidemi,
Recalling her birth-day, a female wail off-spring,
shadow-less beneath her fatherly tree in the late eighties.

Solitude blue nights,
my chilled bones were once burdened by maternity lean,
At the Hospital, Abidemi was lying on my breast, contacting skin to skin.

Breast-feed to spoon-feed, anti-black to anti-semite,
Mocked stepwise, social-severalise, hoary-headed,
I, mother of black, cocooned the little heart against the worldly prejudgements.

Louisiana’s Knights of Labour to Cincinnati riots,
still running on a treadmill against the biased-men in disguise.
Skin-tan may come and go, what you will do to the natural black glow?

Razor the passionate shield that upholds the same patriotism, beliefs and ideas they owe.
Nevertheless will rise against the storm, wind, and white-hail, beneath the darkness forlorn.

“Mama,” said little she, with the same tanned skin, bob, and weave, up-beating boys on the street in the ruby apron-ring.
Repeating and enthused by, “I have a dream” the greatest oration of Martin Luther King.

A loud utterance, “Your time is up,” clinch little tanned down by the opposite team.
“Never give up,” I shouted to my farthest daughter
before she corkscrews and win.

There she was a renowned young lady from Niger,
punching boxing gloves, my baby tiger,
Dreaming wide through the landscapes, an acquirer, and a self-confident absorber.

Let’s lift and march all together holding flickering torches hand in hand,
Into the sins, foolish who dreams, the ladies with skin tanned.

Ruchi Acharya: "I am the founder of an international writing community, Wingless Dreamer. I finished my summer graduation in English Literature from the University of Oxford. My work has previously appeared in The Pangolin Review (Mauritius), fairytalez.com (Denmark), Overachiever magazine (China), Poetry Choice (India), Poetryworld.org (India) and 36garhtraveller (India). Currently, I live in Glasgow, UK. I am definitely a morning person if the morning starts at noon."

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