Volume Four, Issue 4

Darryl Wawa

Draw me a Veve:
Machete Rephkrasis
“Kabrit Manyen Fe”—Racine Mapou De Azor
And the iron hit the goat—

Azor: Haitian Vodou Singer Songwriter

Sunlight on the machete
that cuts the coconut
The juice wets my cheek
Thank you sir
for that sound

my coconut vendor
for a year
taught me
how to use a machete
and break fruit
and I remember this
with a broken glass
on the floor

Between Port-au-Prince
and Miami
reversals now
something of a self
not quite sure of its past
Kafu Maza 3 Zile
complicated intersections
mirages and shelters
the havens of the mind
the roads to places I like
and ideas of what makes
a home

The rhythm
of cutting coconuts
how they pop open
in the sunlight
after the machete
I saw
a goat’s head
cut the same way
as a child on the beach
next to my mother
who seemed to be smiling
at my introduction
my innocence

Do I shine the same
on the blade
chopping Miami meat
and avocados
missing the stench
of Haitian fried tripe

Whether the soil
erodes with rain
and floods streets with trash
the road gets clearer after
and stretches into wet emulsions
on streets
paved over swampland
and lined with palm trees
that shine
like lust
and dollars
there are still shards
on my floor

And then a pineapple
cut by kitchen knife
It shows me a cannibal
‘you like it’
the blade says
your golden slice
your work
your angle
your voucher
the flesh
this juicy flavor
you pay to eat
and savor
under golden sun
as greedily as you want

when the light hits the shrubs
we all speak pineapple

Draw me a Veve:
Erzuli De Bo Bounda Fache
Digestion in cochlea and shadow

Chip, a’hoy
sludges come in neon too
between the Ocean
and hairproducts
Terms and conditions
don’t meet

Head and shoulders
ass and legs
Legba Erzulie
Za Zi Amisi

Triangles and triangles
two points never directly
not even light does this
it takes a least a third
to refract

The pedestalled pedestrian
ass on sand
neck and instagram
candy bar and sandwich
syntax and meme
lust and love
potato chips and corn chips
wallow me willy

I’m just a food trip away
a product away
eyes pushed back
hands and feet clumsy
just distances away
from rejecting
your fever

with irresponsible reasons
because we saw the vestibular change
slam and smelled
something wrong and funny
or much, much
much labelling
and couldn’t agree

We feared the numbness
on our skin
then found TeaTrea conditioner
cocoa butter
organic cream cheese
and non gmo steaks
then I found a place on the beach
to be bad and free
and got less interested
in what we found
then less interested
in you

Darryl Wawa: "I am a Port-au-Prince born Haitian-American who studied Photography and Creative Writing. I enjoy chocolate and good books. That said, maybe a movie is a good book. I love to work with images and words and their pairing."

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