Volume Four, Issue 4

No Homing Pigeon

Rose Maria Woodson

Woman falling.
In love.  All
balcony & balloons.
Out of love.
Plain.  No  tiaras, trinkets.
No  slo-mo pans,
fields of sunflowers.
Vulnerable as Tell’s apple.
Spiraling the silence of  sipped lattes,
at the table a little off  from the crowd
by the plate glass window.
It is
a silent, painful movie:
there are no words
when your  “I-love-you”  is not
a homing pigeon,
doesn’t circle in the turquoise  sky &
return to you waiting on the roof.
Already your lungs hammer:
Breath is  nearly extinct within you.
But you pull  yourself together,
the way a cloud does,
hovering, feeding on nothing solid,
gather your keys,  black purse,
find your legs,
fight gravity like a prizefighter &
rise.  It is
not the end of the world.  It is
the end of one  breathless

Rose Maria Woodson: "I am the author of two chapbooks, Skin Gin (2017 winner, QuillsEdge Press) and The Ombre Of Absence (Dancing Girl Press) as well as the mini-chapbook, Dear Alfredo (Pen And Anvil Press). I hold an MA from Northwestern University."

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