Volume Four, Issue 4

Hey America, I Fixed Your Headlines

Tara Campbell

Police suffocate Black man over $20

Police choke Black man to death to prevent sale of loose cigarettes

Police chase Black man into grandmother’s yard, shoot, kill him in defense against cell phone

Sheriffs chase Black man for riding bike wrong, shoot, kill him when startled by gun on ground

Frightened by Black man eating ice cream in his own apartment, off duty police officer shoots, kills him

Alarmed by 12-year-old Black boy playing with toy gun in park, police assess situation for two seconds, kill him

Protecting community from young Black man walking home, police administer illegal chokehold and overdose of Ketamine, kill him

Police break into Black woman’s residence after arresting suspect at different address, shoot, kill her when startled by boyfriend defending home

Surprised by sudden appearance of Black woman in her own home at night, police officer on wellness check shoots through window, kills her

Unarmed Black woman in mental health crisis not saved by police throwing her to ground, pinning her with knee to chest while in handcuffs, killing her

To protect and serve, police chase Black man for running, arrest him for knife later deemed legal, shackle him in back of van without seatbelt, drive roughly, sever spinal cord, kill him

Startled/surprised/frightened/alarmed/protecting and serving, police shoot Black man for:
             selling CDs and DVDs
             saying he has a gun
             playing music in his garage
             walking downstairs with girlfriend
             having no weapon while running away
             whatever the bodycams show, if they were turned on
             whatever successful recordings might show, if released
and may or may not have been sent home (with pay) to think about their actions

Tara Campbell: "I am a writer, teacher, Kimbilio Fellow, and fiction editor at Barrelhouse. I received my MFA from American University in 2019. In addition to Rigorous, previous publication credits include SmokeLong Quarterly, Masters Review, Jellyfish Review, Booth, Strange Horizons, and CRAFT Literary. I'm the author of a novel, TreeVolution, and two collections, Circe's Bicycle and Midnight at the Organporium. My newest book, Political AF: A Rage Collection, was released by Unlikely Books in August 2020."

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