Volume Five, Issue 1

Draw me a Veve
Palama, Bacossou
Volga-Blue Camphor

Darryl Wawa

on the way
to the silhouetted bar
in volga blue
                the enveloping shadows
of palms freckle the sky

The wind whipping the water
makes a hollow dome
with the gray clouds
and my nerves
bundle akoki
creole for—
sensing as if through

                              the conchshell of my ear
                              a flowering bud of senses

Miami chlorophyll
the moisture filling the space
is thick, gauzy
and it smells like prior rain
like a Dry Martini
Tomorrow, the dead sun
waiting behind the palms
and fingered shadows
will scatter evils
and obligations
but now my drink

Granite or lacquered wood
cash or card
flexors at this point
to rest my elbow
I choose top first
and bottom second
The bar seat gives me weather
and a sense of ocean
this thing bodies of water do
they create space
with a privacy that words worlds

I’m expecting a scenario
an unstated confession
a new hand
a new character
sneaky drama
after I followed the horizon
after work
to this post-game consolation
moisture consisting
of not knowing
but wanting
a poem, a seed
seen, heard or felt
so the later need
for kerosene quells
and my spirit
like my glass
delivers form

Moods work like spirals

to be barfood
and beautiful
like my bartender
and thank the dust for night

you’d think this woman
made of silky palm leaves
you’d think her skin
a parchment
dipped in palm berry oil
easily working these bottles
by the cold vapors
of the ice troth
It’s as if light betrays
the past
and this     must    be   our    grace
the marina       air
on our thighs
and she paws my second

The drinks didn’t overflow
the moon stayed akimbo
in the evening musk
and after hearing enough
of this tumble and clink
I enjoy
my empty glass and reflections
useless effects
and a summary
I paid to take home

This poem is from the ongoing 'Draw me A Veve' series, but with a bit of a twist in perspective; more like a song with a specific point of view and melody that speaks of African heritage movements and physiology of love, romance and heart break, from Vodou synchretisms of ancient texts and religion like Judaism, ancient Greek Religion, Christianity from a Franco-Anglo-Spanish point of view, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Ibo, Yoruba, Congolese and Guanaan fusions: Zazi Min Cohin Da or The Sea Serpent and The Myth of Exposions.

Darryl Wawa: "I am a Port-au-Prince born Haitian-American who studied Photography and Creative Writing. I enjoy chocolate and good books. That said, maybe a movie is a good book. I love to work with images and words and their pairing."

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