Volume Five, Issue 1


Elaine Nadal

I want more than just relating.
I want some understanding--
a discomfort, a restlessness
an impetus for discovering
unknown territory, an incertitude.
Relating only takes you to familiar settings.
Beyond a memory, echoes
can be felt in brokenness.

I want a conscientious effort
to depart from self and hear a river clearing its conscience,
a mountain ridge seeking justice.
Pain knows its own home, but there are other homes,
offering different views, different truths,
connecting us to reality-- to humanity. My heart is set
on becoming not a goddess but a higher me,
a soul with compassion and empathy--
with pieces of others whom I’ve never met
from remote places, from distant times.

I want to be born again and again.
I’ve learned that what’s foreign to me isn’t nonexistent.
Apprehensions of unfamiliarity have
obscured many voices. Let them enter
a body, nestle their tone colors in spines,
rest their cadences in pressed sheets of flower patterns
or silver-plated fans carrying words that need to be heard.
Let them be heard for they, too, deserve a dwelling
in the pages of a book.

Elaine Nadal: “A Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net-nominee, I am the author of two poetry chapbooks: When and Sweat, Dance, Sing, Cut, published by Finishing Line Press. My work has appeared in several journals, including Beyond Words Literary Magazine, Haunted Waters Press, Hoot Review, Grasslimb, and Latino Book Review Magazine.

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