Volume Five, Issue 1


Leeor Margalit

I am at a guard post in the north watching over
and trees
and cows.
The flowers have grown through the fence:
Mother Nature does not care for our barbed wire.
I hear a flutter of wings and see that the birds
have decided to do a patrol of their own -
leaving the branches every 5 minutes
to circle the skies.
My father wanted to be a pilot.
If only soldiers were as synchronized,
if only their formations were as natural
as those of the birds.
A cat nuzzles up to the barrel of my gun
and she does not understand English letters
or human numbers
and so she does not understand
what an M16 can do.
In the bomb shelter,
I found condom wrappers
and there must be a metaphor there.
“Make love, not war”?
Make love in war, or to war?

And perhaps it was not love
but fear… or simply

Leeor Margalit: “I am a 22 year old Yemenite/Ashkenazi Jewish woman from southern California currently living on a kibbutz in the south of Israel.”

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