Volume Five, Issue 1

Pablo Saborío

Lose control

The pattern
has traveled
drenched in blood.

A pendulum
made of concept
to invoke the path
that time embodies.

The nerves
hold on to a wall
of stimuli
made of the past
quickly aching
behind the horizon.

The mouth is now
fire and all knowledge
has become ash.

The rumble
of the entire ocean
in a single drop of mind.


A road of ash,
in the mouth.

A civilization
sunk in clouds.

Many sweaters
knit by neon whisper.

Manicuring, red
gloss over theories.

Filing the edges,
nothingness round as a ball.

The insects playing sports,
the ecstasy of symmetry.

They changed
their names for speed.

Seeds locked to a center;
a dandelion clock.

Then gusts. Forever.

Pablo Saborío: “I am a Costa Rican-born self-taught artist and poet based in Copenhagen, Denmark. My focus as a visual artist is to create poetic-visual forms that accentuate the mystery of existence. My recent and upcoming publications include Conduit, West Trade Review, DASH, Black Horse Review, among other literary journals.”

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