Volume Five, Issue 2

Andrew Geoffrey Kwabena Moss

Immersive Virtual Therapy

THE CRIME: Racist Thoughts out of Time-synch/
                       Intergroup Racial Biases
SENTENCING/SOLUTION: Race Correcting Therapy/ at nearest available Facility
TREATMENT METHOD: Donning the dark skin of an avatar
Quell the post-dated bigotry of avoid and ostracise
Long ago predicted in Bradbury’s Veldt and Holodeck’s
Celestial Treks forward in time

Place IC1 in VR to re-embody in darker skin
Decrease implicit racial bias within
Have daily sessions of immersive Virtual Reality
Induce illusions of empathy
Recalibrate negative interpersonal attitudes

PREPARATION: Use avatar kinectivity and motion capturing
Conversion of everyday gestures
Creating emotional subtexts for subject
Carefully place in an animates scene

VIRTUAL STEP ONE: Conduct Implicit Association Test
to measure outdated racial biases
Analyse speed of categorisation impulses
Rest for three days in real environment once done

VIRTUAL STEP TWO: Put on motion capture suit and headset
Walk around virtual world for 5 minutes
to gain global overview

VIRTUAL STEP THREE: Look in mirror to see darker skinned avatar
Explore virtual body by moving legs and arms
Now subject is embodied

VIRTUAL STEP FOUR: After 5 minutes introduce to 12 virtual characters
6 of each, light and dark avatars
Walk past them for 6 ½ minutes
See if subject engages or ignores

Door in the face or foot in the door?
Race as moderator

DURING THIS VIRTUAL STEP: Analyse cognitive load with BrainGuaging
Measure speech patterns for stress levels
Continue for duration of experiment

VIRTUAL STEP FIVE: Complete Implicit Association Test and survey
Fill in questions about how felt in virtual body
How felt when met other avatars

RESULTS: Donning virtual suit and goggles
subject sees real world in new light
Successful racial bias reduction therapy
Will roll out perspective taking strategies

CONCLUSION: Re-encoding reversal of cognitive machinery
Erasure of race, coalitional re-computation
Social-psychological re-categorisation.

Nyankopoxyican Breath of Fresh Air

‘We can’t breathe!’
cried the diasporic seeds on barren soils
Signals sent by those tethered
to Africa, Europe and the Americas
Inhospitable stormy weather
Picked up on marine radar radio
by Deep Sea Drexciyan Dwellers
Riding high under waves of isolation
In a Bubbled Metropolis
Travelling on Aquabahn in Cruiser Control

‘We can’t breathe!’
Weak breath signals picked up
In Africa, Europe and the Americas
Inhospitable stormy weather

Progeny of those labelled sick and disruptive
Thrown off foul scented slave ships
on their Middle Passages
They swam from their mothers’ wombs, learning to breathe
to found subaqueous empires and freshwater trajectories
Formed deep seated civilisations beneath
a vast dark abyss
created by transatlantic slavery
Brave, alternative histories

‘We can’t breathe!’
Weak breath signals picked up
In Africa, Europe and the Americas
Inhospitable stormy weather

Valiantly escaping through aqua worm holes
Enslaved removals evolved into wave-jumpers,
stingray and barracuda battalions
to Positron Island, Bubble Metropolis, Danger Bay
Reaching Drexciya in stages
Evolutionary deep Black Atlantic Ocean navigation
An aquazone surrounding isolated archipelago

‘We can’t breathe!’
Weak breath signals picked up
In Africa, Europe and the Americas
Inhospitable stormy weather

The next Drexciyan Quest:
Communicate to save land lumbered souls
from the prison industrial complex, colonisation,
decolonisation, institutional racism, post industrialisation,
macro and micro-aggressions,
global warming oppression

‘We can’t breathe!’
Weak breath signals picked up
In Africa, Europe and the Americas
Inhospitable stormy weather

They sent sonic invasions
From their underwater techno-pirate-stations
Helping those struggling to survive
Adverse, intense climatic changes
Attacking the mainstream of airwaves
Allowing oppressed souls to breathe

A rescue mission dreamt up by Drexciyan R.E.S.T
Research, Experimentation, Science and Technology
New systems to allow breathing were developed
In the tropos-, stratos-, mesos-, thermos-
and eventually exospheres
Finally, flying, releasing estranged cousins,
from the effects of transatlantic slavery

‘We can breathe!’
In deep sea and space

Terrestrial, seabed to exospheric adaptation
Travelling dimensional portals,
jumping-holes at liminal crossroads
Neo-evolution from Drexciyan to Nyankopoxican
Extra-terrestrial storm weathering then harnessing

Formation of a single, continuous superfield
Hybrid reality, mediating all mass, space, time and energy
Innovative Molecular Enhancement Technologies
The stolen plotting liberation after surviving
abject global conditioning
Deep in the ocean, on land and air

Soul survivors, regrouping,
readying for the Journey Home (Future)
Wherever we choose to go.

Alien Landing

At Narita Water Space, sometime in the future

Out of the submariners’ spaceship bound for ‘Dystopia N.One’
Swim the blue-green gaijin,
Dressed in the wet cling of vintage denim spacesuits
Sewn with mermaid scaled sequins
Genes worn down but digitally remastered

Disembarking, blowing bubbles on alien nations
Their augmented identity cards beam and betray them
Awaiting un-boarding at the biometric sluice gates

A dystopia of myopic IRISK scans
Iris Recognition Immigration Systems scams

Reduced in the past to a fingerprint
Now the microchips breed within
The boys in deep blue policed our Internet history
Pixilated, digitalised, stopped and searched under suspicion
Victims caught on reality CCTV and a web of cams
The graffitied written on the wall of electronic tags

Mouldy blueprints turned green with envy
Until, by varying verdigris we reach 360
Tarnished by bent coppers
Black green ink pads tested our status
Identity enslave meant, capital-ist lettered surveillance

Andrew Geoffrey Kwabena Moss: “I am a writer and teacher who has lived in the UK, Japan and currently Australia. Of Anglo-Ghanaian heritage, my work seeks to explore and challenge liminal landscapes, complex identities and the social constructs of race. My work has appeared in Afropean, People in Harmony, Fly on the Wall Press, Fair Acre Press, Golden Walkman Magazine, Beliveau Books, Poor Yorick Literary Journal, GMGA Publishing, The Good Life Review and Red Penguin Books.

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