Volume Five, Issue 2

Of Plums That Do Not Know How to Ripen

Eduardo de Bosco


In this poem, the girl is an unripe plum
Forced to ripe under the sun, plucked green
to be devoured with pepper,
& salt
or vita

In this poem
the savior does           not save
                                                      the woman caught in adultery - from angry mob
Does not          cure the woman with the issue of blood
there are no saviors
in a land where a praying girl’s body
is the altar upon which men are preying

Eduardo de Bosco: “I am a Liberian who writes from somewhere in the world. I am an honoree of the Gujarat Sahitya Akademi Award in collaboration with Motivational Strips, for my literary excellence. My work has appeared in: Spillwords, Nanty Green, Arts Lounge, Afritondo, Praxis Magazine, Eboquills, We Write Liberia, in anthologies and elsewhere. I find my peace in poetry, historiosophy, advocacy, education, music, and in nature.”

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