Volume Five, Issue 2

Change of Perspective

Estella Wicks

I arrived late on the scene
with doting old parents who
never ever managed to say no
When they tried, I opened the
floodgates or flashed a pretty
please, thank you, hopeful smile.

At school I smiled and fluttered
my long lashes; the teachers said
What a lovely charming child, then
turned and scolded the poor kid
I had hit before the kid hit me.

I was caught speeding and drinking
some wine; the officer said you
know better than that and took
my bottle. Looking contrite and
soulful, I whispered I'm sorry.
The officer forgot to write a ticket.

Golden hair, steel grey eyes
long limbs, well-muscled body
Gracious charming manners
I was every mother's dream
of a perfect son-in-law.

Their daughters however after one
date with me - were really quite sure
that a son-in-law I would never be
but still it was their pleasure to
be dated by suave, debonair me.

Joyfully I had my way with each girl.
Most adored me, but a few shunned me.
They were the ones, I wanted the most.
I sought them in lonely places after dark
and a ski mask was best for my game.

One girl however ripped the mask off
Like a deer I bounded away but too late
My mother wailed and wrung her hands

My dad, as on other occasions, took the
officer aside and made a deal - that
assured I would not force a girl again.

It was a foolproof plan - mother agreed
anything to save her naughty little boy
I put on my cherubic face and agreed -
my heart, mind and soul screamed no.

When I faced the judge, father's plan,
as horrible as it seemed to a guy like me,
looked better than a prison cell with
fierce dogs, barbwire and no girls at all.
Nine months later, the deed was done. Now
I'm mother's sweet pretty young lady who is
afraid to be out on the street after dark.

Estella Wicks: “I've lived in Cleveland, Ohio most of my life. I earned my BA in English at Cleveland State University. My focus was creative writing. I've been an avid reader since I first discovered books. Writing seems just an extension of reading so I write poetry, novels, short stories and memoirs. I prefer to make rather than buy greeting cards. I've raised four children. I'm diet conscious. I'm an exercise enthusiast. I've developed an interest in drawing and plan to draw my own pictures for my e-books. I love crossword puzzles. Jeopardy is a very challenging game so I play it to exercise my mind. My passion is writing as it allows my imagination to dance all the place.”

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