Volume Five, Issue 2

When Genocide Wore the Mask of the Assimilator


The rope at the end of this life strikes terror in my heart.
It steals the souls of my familiars.

Their fingertips claw their faces in agony,
Crying out to the Ellisonian God:

Her tears bubbling beneath flesh,
Unable to soak the arid ground traversed in chains over centuries.
The blood is turned in the soil without water,
Sullies the food and spoils the children,
Bruises on blackberries,
sweet inside and fear outside.

Plucked before ripened, always
Left in the sun to shrivel as a raisin,
Facedown on the asphalt.

The tepid mother raises her hands towards the moon, her heart burns in effigy.

"I did not give life to this barren body, eschar running into the drains. The cords that bind this family have been broken, scattered. How soon will you return my child?”

“How soon will you make me?"

N.Fox: “My name is Nico Fox (N.Fox) a Black self-taught producer, writer, vocalist, and guitarist who performs solo as a Gothic Wave/Avant-Garde project called Real Clothes in New York. This means choral hymns; weaving tales of the occult, heartache, loss, the end of the world, war, and absolution. I currently have four distinct sounding albums I've made over the span of 5 years: Object-Oriented (2015), Modulation (2016), Apotheosis (2019), and the most recent Precaution (2020).”

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