Volume Five, Issue 3

His Bright Eyes

David Lee

The light from the front door / In the midst of the dark abyss

Was how he was usually seen
Often through my
Groggy vision

A dark suit, similar to his dark hair / and his eyes, bright even after the long hours of work

Ushered back to my room,
back to my bed
back to the abyss
Was what he would do

The same dark suit and dark hair / along with his eyes, brighter than the morning sun
was the last of him before the morning sun took its leave

There were days when he wouldn’t be in his dark suit / The days when I could see his bright eyes
throughout the day

Then there was a day
A special day
When he wore his dark suit / His bright eyes lit up the house
For the last time

David Lee: “I am an ambitious high schooler attending Seoul International School in Seoul, South Korea. Besides writing my other hobbies include listening to music and improv comedy. I am currently putting together a portfolio for university.”

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