Volume Five, Issue 3

A Powdered Dream

Emily Khym

They flittered their majestic blue wings, gliding from
chrysanthemums to peruvian lilies, indulging in the sweet
sugary glops of golden brown. A protective sheet
covered us as I took in a breath of the over-ripen
orange leftovers and an aged cigar box, half empty. Their
scales pelleted their bodies, as if in a coloring book that a
child ripped open for Christmas. How I wished I
could keep one in my room on a snowy day and
admire its sporadic shadow amongst a batch of
blooming coneflowers. How I so wanted it to tip-toe on
my yellow painted nails and fail to slurp up some
nectar. But they remained in this jail of a conservatory for
everyone to gasp and laugh at, exhibited to the rest of
the world and vulnerable to the bittersweet tremors
of ungrateful children. A blood red butterfly skipped
into my hands, looking into my yearning tears. My hand
told me to take it with me, but my brain tugged the other end of
the rope ready to knock some sense into me. I couldn’t handle
it—the remains of its scales lay scattered on my hand like
I had seen many times when my mom put in red chili
powder into my favorite soup. Now I had a hefty price to pay
with only a powdered dream left.

Emily Khym: “I am a 16-year-old junior attending The Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, Connecticut. In my free time, when I am not writing, I enjoy listening to music, playing the flute, and going on long runs. I am currently preparing my writing portfolio for university and was recently accepted to Juniper, Sewanee, Kenyon, and Iowa Young Writers Camp. My poems have been published in Daphne, Inlandia, Elevation Review, and other literary magazines.”

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