Volume Five, Issue 3

Ode to the refrigerator

Jia Dunsby

A large treasure chest,


in white chocolate

Tall and proud

It stands,

Forever the frozen season.
Opened, crisp
Its arms stretch wild
Every pocket
Of its Wings filled
Cavernous, its cuisine aglow
together a mouthwatering harmony
Defies Mother’s warmth
The arid become fresh fruits, dripping
With vigor,
Nurtured with love.
It hums a sweet tune,
Placid but sprightly
A Lush garden,
Dim and moonlit
Its harvest radiates
All Triumph’s colors
Its foot is iced,
A snowfield rests, tranquil,
over Winter’s sweets
While a day’s fuel
Gleams, joyously, above it.

Jia Dunsby: “I am a freshman attending Seoul Foreign School. I am currently working on my writing portfolio for university. I use my writing to open a conversation and a way to think differently about the world.”

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