Volume Five, Issue 3

Witch of Blue Roses

Sigrid Kim

Cold and out of reach
Watching everything freeze
As I receive a gaze from the plenilune.
There appears a witch with a blue cloak
With a white cape that shimmers in the night
As elegant and enigmatic as a poem.
The moon is coming closer to infinity
Wanting to suffocate everything
I digress from my original plan to save everything.
Everything starts to blur
The sheer cold running through my entire body
As a single pale of a blue rose falls.
Matching the blue cloak
And the way it dances and shines under the moon
Identical to the white cape.
A compensation from the witch.

Sigrid Kim: “I am a 14-year-old attending Mclean High School in Virginia. My hobbies include writing, drawing, and playing with my two dogs Oliver and Cooper. I have currently started creating my portfolio for University and was recently accepted into Juniper's Young Writers Camp.”

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