Volume Five, Issue 3


Stephanie Park

blooming in the cold
share your warmth with me,
it's so beautiful but the
freezing air holds us apart
at least that's what i like to think

in the summer it's nowhere to be
found, only traces of its fallen leaves
let me take a picture of you,
let me look back in the future
the time i wish i could go back but not relive

should have just said i loved you
when the cold air made me numb
it would have made the bleeding pain
sting less and perhaps in our universe
you could have said it back

sitting alone at the park bench
in front of the track we used to run on
ice cream cone melting in one hand
overheating phone in the other,
Seashells whispering the music I once felt
With all my heart.

now it's winter again and
you're halfway across the world
haven't said hi in 6 months,
i know it's even colder where you are
do camellias grow there too?

Stephanie Park: “I am a rising sophomore attending Milton Academy in Boston, Massachusetts. My hobbies include singing, playing tennis, and reading. I was recently accepted to the Sewanee Young Writers' Conference and the Juniper Institute for Young Writers.”

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