Volume Five, Issue 3

The Black Rifles

I Can’t Breathe

She’s Burning Blood

The Feel

The Black Rifles: “Black Carib Fronted Diverse Rock Band as if Velvet Revolver, Soundgarden and Rage against the Machine had a baby. The Black Rifles.

“Newly formed Rock Band!!! Up and Coming, Hard Hitting, Raw, Unapologetic, Rock band Hailing from the UK (Hertford). This 3 piece band is truly hard-hitting with the heavy grunge bass and bullet like drums and sonic ejaculations from their 2 guitarists. The vocals are excellent and the lyrics are so clear as they paint a picture you can really see.

“Their delivery is nothing short of masterful and a much needed breath of fresh air on the musical scene. Their songwriting and recording sensibilities stay true to musicianship and performance as their songs are one take raw and live. Like the legends did before. No overdubs!!! Their music oozes hard rock sex appeal with grunge overtones. This band is definitely one to watch.”

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