Volume Five, Issue 3

because i live in the body i took as mine; the body that smokes into air.

Zainab Iliyasu

baby crying,
mother tossing her sleep
in an awakening sea,
scooping him into a cone,
no, packing his skin in a fist

this is how i live in my body;
veiling night into a fantasy bride.

sometimes, i turn a poet,
tucking my skin with metaphors

i try walking out of my skin
gently like my grandmother,
but i turn an infant
in the last line of this poem.

Zainab Iliyasu: “I'm from Bobi village, Niger State. I'm a Nigerian writer and photographer.

“I'm a finalist of the voice of peace anthology. I'm the treasurer Hilltop creative art, Abuja branch.

“My works are published and forthcoming in Kalahari review, Blue marble review, PraxisMag, WRR, The shallow tales review, Acropolis Journal, Anti-Heroin Chic, Sledgehammer Lit among others.”

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