Volume Five, Issue 3

Domes and God

Zakiyyah Dzukogi

the domes of East India
turned their heads to smoke.
they are traitors in my log.
we were sliced if we looked at God
and if we didn't,
we weren't allowed to take notes to God.
rich white men cursing their god,
no smoker but one that's clean.
they made us read poets,
we were dancers of Greek.
poet's letters, books,
cups, straw hats, paged poems
and I am sitting like a monk.

Zakiyyah Dzukogi: “I’m a student of Himma International College here in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. I’ve loved poetry since the day I was born, writing poems is what I extremely love. I’ve poems published in national and International magazines and journals, I’ve won twice in a competition, Nigeria prize for teen Authors. I love writing about death, God, heaven and hell. I’ve a published Chapbooks titled Carved and Winters and Summers. Recently, I won the Brigitte Poirson Poetry Contest.”

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